Foods to Eat and to Avoid With Braces

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Often, when you want to achieve your desired results, you have to be willing to make changes.

If you want to achieve straighter teeth through braces, you must be willing to put in some hard work and modify your lifestyle.

These changes include taking better care of your teeth and gums, scheduling regular visits to your dentist, and making a few lifestyle modifications, including changes in your diet.

Eating with Braces

Quite simply, getting braces will affect your diet. Your dentist will provide you a list of foods to eat and to avoid with braces.

Following your Indianapolis dentist’s recommendations will ensure that your braces stay put and help you avoid unnecessary mishaps, and even ensure that your treatment schedule stays on track.

What should you avoid?

Broadly speaking, wearing braces does not necessarily mean that there are certain types of food that you need to avoid.

However, there are some types of food that you may need to consume sparingly or eat with greater caution now that you are wearing braces.

As much as possible, people who wear braces should avoid hard foods like candies, nuts, veggies and bread crusts. When consuming these foods, you should be careful about biting hard as these can dislodge the brackets and wires of your braces.

You may also need to be cautious with eating tougher cuts of meat and related products. Again, these foods can dislodge the brackets and wires of your braces, causing discomfort and possibly an emergency trip to your dentist.

It is okay to put ice in your drinks, but under no circumstance should you chew on ice cubes.

Finally, avoid foods that can stick to the brackets and wires of your braces.

Feast on these

Apart from the food mentioned above, you can have your fill of just about any type of food. Ideally, people who wear braces should consume foods that are softer.

These include soft fruits and veggies, dairy products, grains, bread, eggs, and meats.

You may also want to beef up your diet with foods rich in protein and calcium in order to boost the strength of your teeth’s enamel upon which your braces are directly installed. Strengthening your teeth’s enamel will help keep your braces stuck to your teeth and improve the overall health of your teeth.

What are these calcium- and protein-rich foods? These include dairy products (like cheese, milk, and yogurt), meats, eggs, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Of course, eating these recommended foods is just one part of the equation that is keeping your teeth healthy. You should also remember to clean your teeth regularly and go to your dentist appointments. 

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