What Dentures Are Best for Me?

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Dentures are removable dental appliances that look and function like natural teeth. They replace weak or missing teeth and can behave as either a full or partial set of teeth.

Dentures are still the most popular option for replacing natural teeth since they are affordable and are easy to fit and install.

If you will be getting dentures soon and you want to answer the question “What dentures are best for me?”, knowing the different types will help you choose the most suitable one.

What Dentures are Best for Me?

Conventional complete or full dentures

A complete denture replaces all of a patient’s teeth. They are custom-made to fit the mouth of the person who will use them. Before fitting the full denture, Dr. John Pasicznyk will remove any remaining teeth.

Complete dentures are often recommended when a person sustained a big damage to the mouth structure or has a medical issue that contraindicates surgery. If a patient has lost intraoral tissue, complete dentures are also recommended since they can replace teeth and at the same time, fill in the missing tissue.

Partial dentures

If you still have some healthy, natural teeth but need to replace missing ones, partial dentures are your best options. Partial dentures are removable and as such, you can take them out whenever you need to. This type of denture also helps prevent your remaining teeth from moving.

Implant-supported dentures

If you want to have dentures that last longer and stay securely in place, choose implant-supported dentures. With this type of dental appliance, an implant is used to securely support the denture. As such, they are stronger and look and function more naturally.

To be a candidate for this type of denture, you should still have healthy gums, sufficient jaw bone (bone can be rebuilt to a certain degree. if needed), and good oral care practices.

Custom dentures

Custom dentures are made of high-quality, more expensive materials and as such, you get a more natural-looking smile. The denture is customized for your smile so it looks more natural and will meet your needs.

Snap-in dentures

Northview Dental in Keystone shares that snap-in dentures are the most stable removable type of denture. This is because this type of denture is held securely in place with the use of dental implants or it is anchored onto the existing teeth. They come with locator attachments that snap onto the implants or onto the locator receptors.

Snap-in dentures are often recommended when a patient doesn’t have any natural teeth left but still has enough bone to support an implant.

Dentures come in different types. You can get the most from this dental appliance and avoid experiencing discomfort and a lot of hassles by making sure that from the start, you get the best type of dentures. Contact us today if you think dentures are best for you.

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